lunedì 16 marzo 2015

"Paris, Belle Epoque..." BD Project Visuals

Visuals done at the end of 2013 for a very nice BD project written by Audrey Alwett, set during the Belle Epoque. Paris, Art Nouveau, murders, nice dandies and lot of cool things like that. I really had some love for this project <3

art © Beatrice Penco Sechi *2013
story © Audrey Alwett *2013

giovedì 12 febbraio 2015

pencils + markers
art © Beatrice Penco Sechi*2013

martedì 3 febbraio 2015

"The Cabinet of Curiosities" - Lady Macbeth postcards

"The Cabinet of Curiosities"  postcard collection by Bakemono Lab
-Lady Macbeth folder-

Printed by Bakemono Lab // art by Beatrice Penco Sechi
9 postcards per folder, 3 different designs, 14,5x21
Printed by Bakemono Lab, Italy 2014