venerdì 27 novembre 2015

"Jappeloup" tome 1, BD
Durand/L'Hermenier/Penco Sechi
Editions JUNGLE

mercoledì 18 novembre 2015


by Pierre Durand, Maxe L'Hermenier & Beatrice Penco Sechi
Bande Dessinnée
hardcover, 48 pages, 30x23, french language
Editions Jungle, France 2015

A story of sport and friendship for younger readers among the memories of a great champion...

Pierre is a young schoolboy, a football fan. One day, playing with his friends, the ball land in a meadow below. The young Pierre then leaves in search of the ball, unaware that he is going to do the best meet of her life...  Jappeloup!
The pair will mark the history of equestrian sport like no one else. But before dreaming of medals, they must first learn to know each other, trust each other and face the first challenges that will stand on their roads...

mercoledì 11 novembre 2015

TMNT 2014: Leonardo
Commission - Digital ink and colors
art © Beatrice Penco Sechi *2015

Full body version of my previeus pic.
Can't wait to see the 2016 sequel! >:3